"Maharajah Duleep Singh after F.X. Winterhalter" - Limited Edition Prints

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"Maharajah Duleep Singh after F.X. Winterhalter" - Limited Edition Prints

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The artist's replica of  "Maharajah Duleep Singh", originally painted by F.X. Winterhalter in 1854, is available as a fine art limited edition print in varying sizes on archival paper or canvas, framed and unframed.  

 Saluja was granted permission from the surveyor of the Royal Collection to work from the original painting in England, making her copy one of the most faithful in existence. The replica was exhibited at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto along side her original composition "Maharajah Ranjit Singh, The Lion of the Punjab". Together, the portraits convey the rise and fall of the Kingdom of Punjab. 

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Each print is carefully produced by professional fine art printers to the artist's exact specifications. The printers use the highest quality archival inks, printers, canvas and paper. Each print is hand-signed and numbered by the artist. The print comes with a signed letter of authenticity. 

The canvas edition is limited to 50 prints. The paper prints come in two size editions, large and medium. Each paper edition is limited to 100 prints. All prints are available framed and unframed. 


  • Unframed Medium Paper Print (10.5 inches x 19.5 inches)        $575.00 usd
  • Unframed Large Paper Print (16.75 inches x 31 inches)             $750.00 usd
  • Framed Medium Paper Print (16 inches x 25 inches)                 $825.00 usd
  • Framed Large Paper Print (22.25 inches x 36.5 inches)           $1,100.00 usd
  • Unframed Canvas Print (19 inches x 36 inches)                       $1,250.00 usd
  • Framed Canvas Print (24 inches x 41 inches)                          $1,650.00 usd


Please note that shipping is not included in the price. Shipping rates available at checkout. For international deliveries and to Hawaii, and Puerto Rico please contact the artist directly at 212-461-4989, or manu@manusaluja.com.

All unframed canvas prints are delivered un-stretched and rolled. Your local framer can provide stretching services prior to framing, or contact the artist directly.